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3 Key Marketing Tips

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing.

No introduction needed, let's get to it ...

1. Are your Chefs on Instagram showcasing dishes made behind the scenes? If so start reposting their images, making sure to tag them in of course. (Thanks for the photo @chefsmith). We all need a constant flow of content to keep up with todays ever increasing social scene and this could be a perfect way to fill that gap. Customers love knowing what happens behind those kitchen doors and it also shows a connection between the team, so share what you believe is fitting to the business. It's also a very affective way of boosting morale, staff feel valued and showcased.

2. Check out who is following you on Instagram and Facebook, there may be some budding young photographer out there waiting for their next opportunity! Take time to scroll through images that you may have been tagged in and check out their profile, reach out and see if they would be keen to come back and take some food shots for you in return for a meal or small fee. Remember, we all start somewhere so if someone is keen to grow their portfolio then this is a positive outcome for both parties. You can reuse their images tagging them and they will be sharing the content to promote themselves whilst tagging you.

3. One word 'Canva'. If you have not discovered this incredible platform already then I am about to change your life forever, it is simply an outstanding tool to create the designs of your dreams. Whether you are creating menus, business cards, hosting in-house promotions or need imagery and posters for events and campaigns it can all be created here. Most small restaurant businesses need to outsource graphic design and this can be extremely costly and time consuming. Canva gives you preset templates, access to imagery, amazing fonts and the best part ... it is completely FREE and very user friendly meaning anyone can create. I urge you to go onto the site and start to play around, it won't be long before you pick it up and if you need any support then drop me an email. I am not a graphic designer but Canva has made me into one!

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