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Buddhalicious = Burgerlicious

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Chef Kenta Tanaka's menu of Japanese burgers is quite frankly off the charts!

I always love a restaurant recommendation and this one really hit the spot! Introducing Buddhalicious Burger in Sydney, a haven for burger lovers who are seeking an original experience like no other.

This mouthwatering tale begins with an order of their Juicy Chicken Karaage, and the title does not lie; it was certainly juicy, seasoned to perfection and encased within that wonderful crunchy coating. Best served with their aioli dipping sauce (and my addition of a nice cold beer in an iced pint glass :)

Next up, their Prawn Katsu Sliders with a tangy creamy sauce, almost like a tartare but much richer and with plenty of bite. The cutlet was crisp, flavourful and the lettuce and fresh bun were all this dish required to be utterly delicious.

I could have ordered 4 more!

There is a lot to be said for promoting a special on the menu with a photo, I took one look at the Wagyu Beef Wasabi Burger and knew I had to have it. The tender patty consists of 150g, 75/25 fat ratio, double ground Wagyu blend of chuck and short rib, served in a wasabi infused bun with lightly battered tempura jalapeños, fresh iceberg lettuce, truss tomato and red onion. But it gets even better... this is complimented with two special homemade sauces of garlic soy and wasabi aioli to balance the flavour.

I really don't know what more I can say about this burger other than it was like an explosion of the most incredible flavours and textures all at once, the soy hosts a delicate sweetness and the slight tang and heat from the wasabi bun is just genius.

I love how these guys are reinventing a classic experience with authentic Japanese flavours.

There is so much more on this menu as you can see from the fantastic photo above, including their Double Cheese Burger with homemade cheese and BBQ sauce and their Crispy Chicken Burger with jalapeño, creamy tomato sauce, coleslaw and pickles. And just to get your tastebuds going one last time, how about trying their BBQ Pork Rice Burger? with nori seaweed rice patty, Japanese BBQ’d Pork, iceberg lettuce and kimchi.

It's just superbly outrageous.

This restaurant maybe small in size, but I am telling you it is an absolute force to be reckoned with. If you love Japanese food and you love burgers then this will be your ultimate dream come true.

Photos by - Buddhalicious Burger Facebook page and @foodcoma_eats

Buddhalicious Burger

Shop 3, 197 Military Road, Neutral Bay, Sydney

Phone: 02 8041 0938


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