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Industry Rising Star Series

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Working alongside the worlds best bartenders at Maybe Sammy, Alex Urbanova is certainly one to watch!

For those of us that work in hospitality we sometimes find it hard to convey why we are in this fun but also crazy and challenging fast paced industry, with its ups and downs, good and bad days and long hours. And then we meet Alex, a refreshing reminder of why we do what we do!

Alex Urbanova was born and raised in the beautiful city of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia,"But just because I was born there I do not necessarily think of it as my only home. Home for me is where the sun shines, a place where I can truly just be me." Alex tells us with her warm, soft and infectious spirit.

Alex actually began her career in performing arts, but after some time she realised that her true passion and love lied within the hospitality industry, especially the vibrant and dynamic restaurant and bar scene. And so she made the bold and brave decision to move to Sydney to follow her dream and study the business. But we are not just talking about some small short-course here, oh no! Alex actually enrolled in an Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management, a course that would require dedication and drive with the inclusion of an industry work placement.

Alex practically immersed herself into everything hospitality in order to succeed.

"I think what I loved about the study element was understanding the industry as a business, knowing why certain strategic decisions are made and the impact those will have on your restaurant or bar." Alex says.

Alex also learnt some key operational skills including focusing on the importance of consistent customer service and understanding the fundamentals of marketing, promotional campaigns, social media whilst also assisting with event organising.

Alex graduated from Evolution Hospitality Institute in January this year and with her Diploma in hand she launched her career to an absolutely cracking start by joining the fabulous team at Maybe Sammy!

This incredible venue has literally taken the Sydney bar scene by storm, bringing that roaring, glamorous fifties vibe coupled with an exceptional and creative cocktail menu.

Alex is their Front of House Manager and we have had the privilege of seeing her in action. Her ability to connect with the customers, her impeccable attention to detail with the addition of her engaging service only confirms that she has certainly got something special.

"I work with such a great team and brand. We have recently been awarded 'The Best New International Cocktail Bar 2019' at the annual Tales Spirited Awards." Alex beams.

So Alex, what advice would you give to someone coming into the hospitality industry?

"It is hard work, but certainly worth every bit of energy you have to give. There is such an exciting career to be had and it can take you anywhere in the world. I love being around people and providing great service but I also know and understand that there are other layers to the business including having a strong brand presence and the need to come up with unique and fun ideas to keep the customers wanting to come back. Who knows, maybe one day I might open up my own place." She says with a big smile!

Alex is absolutely right, the industry does have many layers to it and perhaps sometimes we don't talk about them enough, it offers so much opportunity and careers can easily progress into other areas of the business, whether that be management, marketing or even teaching.

For those of us in Australia, we are continuously reminded of the current skill shortage within the hospitality sector, and sharing a success story like Alex's simply showcases the kind of career advancement that can be made available when someone is prepared to learn.

Alex we are really excited to see where this journey takes you, we will certainly be watching!

Photos from - Alex Urbanova and Maybe Sammy, Facebook page.

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