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Toowoomba's little laneway gem

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Today's good mood is sponsored by coffee from none other than Ground Up Espresso Bar.

It's always those tucked away little places that pleasantly surprise you the most and this is certainly the case with Ground Up Espresso Bar in Toowoomba, Queensland.

The cool vibe of this cafe begins as you walk down the colourful artwork covered laneway, followed by that heavenly scent of brewing coffee that instantly draws you in.

You know it's good coffee when after a month of visiting you are still talking about it!

Ground Up Espresso Bar has all the right ingredients that makes a great cafe, starting with the brand of coffee that they have so cleverly and carefully selected. Blackboard Coffee is the brainchild of Founder Nick Pearce, a barista, turned roaster, turned dedicated supplier who now imports over 50 tonne of specialty grade coffee from coffee farms around the world with a focus on quality, relationships, transparency and sustainability. This ethically sourced coffee is hand picked from places like Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia. It's rich and smooth in flavour with a natural sweetness and the experienced baristas at Ground Up Espresso Bar know exactly how to serve it.

This warm, welcoming and friendly bunch of people are certainly passionate about great coffee and this is complimented with a daily changing menu of culinary delights. They poach eggs to perfection and their bread and croissants are always so unbelievably fresh!

"Our food philosophy is simple; Start with exceptional, locally sourced ingredients, treat them with love and technical excellence, allow the simple but brilliant flavour combos to blow your mind."

But what I love most about this place is that all of these elements are brought together with quirky, unique yet inviting decor, food is presented with flair on retro tin style plates and coffee is served with the most stunning collection of antique spoons I have ever seen.

It just works.

So be sure to stop by this little gem next time you are in town.

Photos by - Ground Up Espresso Bar, Facebook page.

Ground Up Espresso Bar

501 Ruthven St, Toowoomba City QLD

Facebook: /grounduptoowoomba

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