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Industry Rising Star Series

Knowing your market in a luxury 5 star property!

Working in hospitality can be exciting and unpredictable. We go into the workplace planning to complete numerous tasks and within a split second we are presented with a change of direction in regards to accommodating our guests or business needs.

Unpredictability keeps us on our toes right?

Hotels in particular force us to find solutions on the spot, pick up the pace and produce positive and seamless results while all the time the guests are none the wiser! That's what makes luxury hotels so special, the incredible and talented people behind the scenes that go above and beyond everyday to make the magic happen.

Meet Marketing Executive Primrose Caldwell, a young, creative and dedicated professional who began her journey at the highly acclaimed Blue Mountains International Hotel School, where she received a Bachelor of Business in International Hotel and Resort Management. "This is where it all started for me, I was just completely drawn to all aspects of the industry. Little did I know then where I would be now."

Primrose kicked off her career by joining the team as a Guest Services Associate at the sublime Westin Hotel in Sydney. A front facing role that demands a cool and collected demeanour with a soft and friendly approach, attributes that Primrose clearly has but is too humble to agree with me! In just over one year into the role her business acumen and creative flair began to shine through and so she was asked to apply for the role of Marketing Coordinator, a position she secured but also differed greatly from her previous experience.

A role of this nature has various touch points within the hotel, including room compendiums (with the inclusion of in-room dining collateral), enticing promotional imagery within the guest lifts and on large screens around the hotel, seasonal campaigns to promote the food and beverage outlets and not to mention translating all of that into digital content for websites and online travel agencies, plus assisting with online reviews and the addition of social media and graphics. It is extremely detailed.

It's basically the activity and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for future and current hotel guests.

Primrose mentions that when she initially thought about what she would be doing in the industry this wasn't her first plan, but as we said sometimes the unpredictability pays off.

"I really enjoy the storytelling aspect of marketing, I love creating engaging content for social media and then analysing the results. This role also means I get to work with the hotels food and beverage team, another passion of mine. Organising photoshoots, creating and publishing content and releasing seasonal menus is a lot of fun," Primrose tells me.

Within a year and a half Primrose was recognised for her hard work and received a promotion to Marketing Executive, taking on more responsibility and ownership in the role. But this is where the story gets even more interesting for Primrose...

Early last year Marriott announced that the Westin Sydney will be completely rebranded and no longer feature within their portfolio, a bold yet exciting change for this fantastic property and therefore the hotel will now become The Fullerton Hotel Sydney.

The Fullerton brand have had resounding success in Singapore and are known globally as one of THE best hotel brands in the world who specialise in enhancing stunning heritage buildings and providing bespoke luxury guest experiences.

So what did this mean for Primrose?

It meant assisting a complete rebrand project! "I cannot tell you how exciting this was, as much as I loved my time with Marriott there is nothing like getting your teeth into something completely new and challenging." Primrose energetically says. "I was very aware of the Fullerton brand and knew that we were about to embark on something quite special and unique."

A rebrand project on this scale is tremendously huge and to be a part of a transition like this would be a learning experience like no other. Many months of consultations proceeded and plans were put in place for the new brand identity which included delicious new offerings in the restaurant and bar, incredible attention to detail on all of the new marketing collateral for the guests rooms and a whole new look and feel on social media communication and online content."We worked so hard as a team to make sure everything came together in the time frame we were given. I never really imagined I would be part of such an amazing project and I am so proud to say that I was involved," says Primrose.

What would be some of your top industry tips in a role like this?

"Try and gain exposure to as many meetings as you can to understand the bigger picture of the hotel and how it operates, this will support how you tell the brand story. Remember that every day will be different so set your expectations to cater for that. And finally, enjoy being creative with content but also take time to understand the brand values to make sure everything remains consistent and aligned."

What does the future hold for Primrose? I think she is a force to be reckoned with quite frankly. At just 23 years old she has actually been exposed to industry experiences that some of us only dream of. She has a passion for hospitality and remains truly grounded. She is certainly another 'one to watch' in the industry and I am excited to follow her career.

If you are in Sydney, be sure to take the time and visit this outstanding Fullerton property.

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