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My Anason love story

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Sujuk sausage is an absolute hero dish, the depth of complex flavours leaves you wanting more and more and more!

I honestly don't know where to start when it comes to Anason, there are so many incredible dishes on this exceptional menu accompanied with beautiful decor and stunning plateware to match. I had not made a booking for this lazy Saturday afternoon lunch and the initial greeting was extremely warm and welcoming.

So let's begin with the Beef tartare, absolutely packed with fragrant spices that I could never have imagined would compliment a dish like this. To cut through the richness of the shanklish cream the tartare is placed over a bed of crunchy breadcrumbs which certainly works, whilst also adding a wonderful texture. Definitely a dish to share.

Beef tartare with winter shakshuka, shanklish cream is packed with the fragrant spices that I could never have imagined would compliment a dish like this.

The Mini Bosphorus sardine sandwich, rocket, pickles with yogurt bread was such a delicious bite, with the pickles adding that lovely fresh acidity that you need when serving a strong flavoured fish like sardines. I love pairing food with wines of the matching region and I was not disappointed with their Vinkara from Kalecik, Mid-North Anatolia in Turkey, it was exactly as the menu described - a light, smooth, citrus, and dry Sauvignon Blanc and for $36 for a half bottle this was worth every dollar.

“In the 1990s...some visionary Turkish Companies sought the help of French winemakers to make better use of ideal climate conditions in particular regions of Anatolia” - Anason wine menu

The best was yet to come... The Sujuk sausage with portobello mushroom and okra guvech, kashar cheese, and peppers is a melting pot of goodness. It is reach, creamy, with almost a slight sweetness. It practically warms the soul. If you had just served me that with warm bread I literally would have lived happily ever after. This is a MUST TRY dish, Anason I beg you please do not take it off the menu I have been dreaming about it ever since. To accompany this the lovely waitress recommended a side dish of Smoked eggplant with burnt yogurt, puffed wild rice and pomegranate. The eggplant was like cutting through butter, it had been slow cooked in oil for hours on end and the freshness of the burnt yogurt and bite of the pomegranate were just utterly delicious.

Sadly I was way too full for dessert, but instead I was completely wowed by their warming and rich Turkish coffee served in the most gorgeous cup and saucer. It really was the perfect end to this Anason love story!

Overall a wonderful experience, staff were knowledgeable and friendly, food was mouth-wateringly good and sitting under the lovely outdoor heaters was just fabulous.

*I have recommended numerous friends to Anason since my visit and the Lamb fillet kusleme with charred leek begendi has been mentioned in many conversations too.

Photos by - Hayley Danielle Digestible


5/23 Barangaroo Avenue Barangaroo, Sydney

Phone: 02 9188 1581


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